Review of BSU Phase I intiated

Meetings between the BSU representatives from Denmark and the review team took place 13-18 January, followed by meetings in Ghana and Tanzania from 4-12 February where the team will meet with all the BSU partner institutions from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nepal

2013.01.24 | Katrine Broch Hansen

In Denmark, the review team have met representatives from Danida, Universities Denmark and the four platforms. In February the review team will meet the east African and Nepali partners in Moshi, Tanzania, where the Platform on Human Health's partner Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) is located.

In Ghana, the team will visit both University of Ghana in Accra and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi. Both universities have partnerships with three of the platforms.

The Review Team:

  • Mr Johan Helland, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway, Team leader
  • Mr David N. Manyanza, Development Solutions Consultancy, Tanzania, Consultant
  • Ms Darriann Rieber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, resource person
  • Mr Arne Skov Andersen, Universities Denmark, resource person


The overall objective of the review is to assess the BSU programme’s organisational structure and performance with a view to make recommendations for the second phase of the programme.

The specific objectives of the review are to assess the partnership between Universities Denmark and universities in the partner countries, the added value by BSU to the strengthening of the institutions in the South, and the governance structures of BSU at overall, platform and institutional level.

The recommendations should be targeted adjustments with emphasis on ensuring a well-functioning and efficient structure (focus of activities, organisational setup and governance) as well as ideas for enhanced North-South-South collaboration across all 11 BSU partner universities and four platforms.

In addition, the review will to the extent possible assess the general performance of the programme with regard to preliminary results, progress, challenges, developments in risk factors, need for adjustments, monitoring etc.


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