PSDR Days and Workshop

PSDR invites everybody interested in the work of the Platform to participate in the PSDR Workshop at Roskilde University - for a day of networking across the Platform and to discuss ideas for future activities.

2012.08.23 | Pia M. Larsen

During the last week of August, PSDR will welcome four guests from our South Partner universities. They are invited to Denmark to participate in the "BSU Networking & Planning Workshop", which will take place at Comwell, Roskilde on 27-29 August. The Workshop will bring together both South and North representativesĀ  from all four Platforms.

Our guests are the BSU Coordinators - Catherine Muhoma, Maseno University; Ambrose Okot, Gulu University; Lekhnath Sharma, Tribhuvan University - and Professor Om Gurung, Tribhuvan University.

Thursday and Friday - 30-31 August, will contain a programme, which are Platform specific and will include meetings with representatives from Department of Society and Globalisation at Roskilde University; meetings with representatives from from Aarhus University; and the the PSDR Workshop.

PSDR Workshop

The Workshop aims at brining together everybody interested in the work of the Platform for a day of networking across the Platform and discussing ideas for future activities. See programme.

  • Venue: Roskilde University, building 25
  • Date: 30 August 2012
  • Time: 11.00 - 16.00

The first part of the day, until lunch-time, there will be individual Working Group meetings. These meetings will focus on disussing the status of implentation of activities under Phase I, which is now half-way through.

The PSDR invites all participants to a joint lunch, after which, in a plenary session, the PSDR Workshop will focus on:

  • Reporting back from the BSU Networking & Planning Workshop
  • Outline of application process for the additional grant
  • Discuss ideas for activities under the additional grant (incl. cross partner and cross platform activities)

Following the plenary session, the discussions will continue in the Working Groups.

PSDR will host the Workshop and we are looking forward to many of you joining us for the day.

Transport expenses (public transportation, DSB standard) will be reimbursed by the Platform Secretariat.

Please, register your participation in the PSDR Workshop with the Platform Secretariat - Deadline for registration is 28 August 2012.


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