Jørgen Elklit tells about academic article writing

From 23 to 25 April 2013 Professor Jørgen Elklit from Aarhus University held a joint academic writing workshop at Maseno University, Kenya. While emphasizing some very positive results of the concrete workshop Jørgen Elkit at the same points out challenges that BSU should keep in mind when working with institutional capacity building in South.

2013.06.20 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

The joint workshop in academic article writing had 15 participants selected from Maseno University and Gulu University. According to Jørgen Elklit it was a great advantage that participants came with different backgrounds both in relation to gender and seniority, but also regarding academic disciplines, which gave a good spread in topics, approaches – and writing styles.

About the practice of good academic article writing Jørgen Elklit states that:

“One point that came to the participants’ attention was how important a clear-structured project framework and its main questions are in regard to keeping a solid structure of both the abstract and the full-text”.

Jørgen Elklit found the academic content at the workshop satisfying and experienced exiting new challenges in being asked to comment on articles far from his own field of  Political Science; e.g. concerning analysis of soil sampling. 

Remember the long-term efforts and be ware of institutional challenges  

For Jørgen Elklit similar activities, i.e. a follow-up workshop on academic article writing, could be a fruitful investment and he urges BSU to keep this in mind. From his point of view one of the central challenges for BSU is to move beyond ‘pinprick operations’ – even though these can have a positive effect in their own right – to secure the long-term efforts of strengthening institutional and research capacity in South.

 “Reaching strategic, long-term goals of education and research capacity building will, in some situations, be difficult to secure if we are not able to grasp the institutional logics that constitute a given faculty or university.”, Jørgen Elklit argues.

 In this regard Jørgen Elklit stresses the importance of taking local circumstances and practices into consideration, e.g. when it comes to defining what constitutes proper academic article writing with the potential of getting published in regional and international journals.   

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