Host for visting staff from Tribhuvan University

Platform for Stability, Democracy & Rights (PSDR) has awarded grants to one member of staff Tribhuvan University for Study Stays in Denmark. We now invite interested Danish researchers to act as host for the Study Stay in Denmark.

2012.08.23 | Pia M. Larsen

The aim of the Study Stays in Denmark is to enable researchers from Gulu University with specific projects that will benefit from time spent in Denmark to avail of infrastructure and academic contacts at a Danish university in order to achieve a specific academic outcome. The visit will last approximately one month.

The role of the host and the host university will be to facilitate the stay in Denmark, through providing office facilities; guidance and access to literature (online journals and library), and; support, guidance and supervision to facilitate achieving the academic output.

The project, which has been awarded a grant for Study Stay in Denmark is:

  • “Claiming the Urban Space: Forming and transforming of the Sukumbasis (Squatters) of Pokhara Sub-metropolis, Nepal”
  • Grantee: Prakash Upadhyay (PhD, Anthropology)
  • Aim: Develop a conference paper
  • Anticipated period: 18 October - 19 November 2012

A second grant has been awarded to Saroj Koirala, for the project "The role Nepalese print media are playing for the consolidation of democracy". The aim of the stay is to prepare a conference paper.  The visit is expected to last approximately 2.5 months. A host has been identified and approached by Saroj Koirala, who has accepted the assignment.

PSDR is now inviting researchers at Danish universities, who will be interested in hosting the visitor from Tribhuvan University. The anticipated time input per visit is one week in total. This will be covered through the co-financing requirements in accordance with the agreement between Universities Denmark and Danida.

If you are interested in being host for the grantee from Tribhuvan University, please send a brief Expression of Interest (EoI) (max. 1 page) to the Platform Secretariat. A brief (max. 2 pages) CV should be attached.

The EoI must contain the following information:

  • project title of grantee;
  • Motivation for hosting;
  • Brief description of academic capacity and experience within the field of the project;
  • Thoughts on supporting

The EoI and CV must be submitted electronically to the Platform Secretariat no later than 3 September 2012, by sending an e-mail to: In Subject, please, indicate: “EoI – Study Stay, Tribhuvan”.

For further information, please contact: Jens Seeberg, Chair, AWG for Tribhuvan University by e-mail:



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