External reviews of BSU Phase I

In spring 2013 there have been two external reviews of BSU Phase 1: A programme review report for University Denmark, by Chr. Michelsen Institute, and a desk appraisal, by Danida. Read recommendations from the two reviews

2013.06.20 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

Chr. Michelsen Institute’s programme review report for University Denmark e.g. recommends that:

  • The BSU program in Phase 2 raise the issue of staff workloads and arrangements for compensation. As long as the BSU program is about institutional cooperation there need to be institutional support for individuals involved in the implementation of the program.
  • That the details of the ‘sandwich’ PhD model should be given further attention in Phase 2.
  • The issue of donor coordination needs to be brought up more clearly and that more attention needs to be given to this issue.
  • There has not been enough time so far to develop South-South cooperation to its potential, but it is a field where the South partners have indicated that they would like to see much more effort and resources allocated in the second phase of the program.
  • As the BSU program unfolds into a second phase and beyond it may be necessary to develop a more comprehensive monitoring framework that will capture results and impacts at a scale that extends beyond the individual platforms.

Read the complete review


Danida’s BSU desk appraisal is overall positive, but the appraisal takes note of a range of concerns of varying consequences and implications. For instance, the appraisal recommends that:

  • Programme to maintain focus on a) the needs and priorities of partners in the South in light of the competences of Danish partners and b) institutional research capacity building.
  • Subsequent applications from BSU (e.g. a BSU III) to be in line with Danida quality standards for programme documentation. This includes stronger clarity on the hierarchy between sub-documents (platform descriptions) and harmonization in terms of conceptual content as well as appearance.
  • Improve programme documentation with a comprehensive M&E framework including indicators at all levels of the programme in line with Danida quality standards.

Read all 10 recommendations in the complete review


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