Danish co-supervisors for PhD Students from Tribhuvan University

Platform for Stability, Democracy & Rights (PSDR) has awarded grants to two PhD Students at Tribhuvan University. The PhD grants include involvement of a co-supervisor at a Danish university.

2012.10.12 | Pia M. Larsen

The PhD Student will be enrolled at Tribhuvan University (sandwich model) for the three years duration of the PhD project, and have approximately two semesters’ stay in Denmark.

The role of the Danish co-supervisor will be to supervise jointly with the main supervisor at Tribhuvan University and to host and facilitate two study stays in Denmark for the PhD Student. The first stay in Denmark will be during spring semester 2013. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Danish university to provide office facilities, access to relevant PhD courses and to guide and support the PhD Student during the stay in Denmark. Host universities outside of the area of Copenhagen are required to assist with planning of the stay, fx. identifying appropriate accommodation.

The two PhD projects are:

1)     Title: “Nepalese Women in Politics and Political Decision Making”

PhD Student: Ms Meena Gurung

Affiliation at Tribhuvan University: Faculty of Education, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara

2)     Title: “Classroom Interaction: Experience of Dalit Students of Rural Nepal while Interacting with Peers and Teachers from the Same and Higher Social Backgrounds”

PhD Student: Mr. Kamal Raj Devkota

Affiliation at Tribhuvan University: Gorkha Campus, Gorkha

Detailed project description can be obtained from Platform Coordinator, Pia M. Larsen (etnpml@adm.au.dk).

The grant will cover:

  • Three months compensation (‘frikøb’) for a Danish co-supervisor (DKK 50.000 per month);
  • One one-week trip for Danish co-supervisor and external examiner to Tribhuvan University, incl. accommodation and per diem (based on actual costs and following Danida’s per diem rates) in connection with the final thesis defense.

In accordance with the agreement between Universities Denmark and Danida, the Danish host university is required to provide co-financing equal to the total amount for the assignment, in accordance with the guidelines for co-financing. Co-financing can be in form of bench fees (office space, software, office supplies, IT support, etc.) participation in PhD courses, additional time for supervision, etc. The assignment attracts an overhead of 20%.

For the PhD Student, the grant will cover:

  • Two travels to Denmark;
  • Allowances in Denmark for total of 10 months;
  • Course fees up to DKK 30.000 in total (for the three years duration) – at Tribhuvan University (or other relevant university in the South);
  • Research costs, bench fees, research equipment and material up to a total of DKK 180.000 (for the three years duration) – costs related to enrollment at Tribhuvan University and for fieldwork in Nepal.

Allowances, travel, etc. related to the two stays in Denmark will be administered by Danida Fellowship Centre in accordance with their guidelines.

PSDR is inviting researchers employed at Danish universities, who are interested in co-supervising one of the PhD Students from Tribhuvan University, to send a brief Expression of Interest (EoI) (max. 1 page) to the Platform Secretariat. A brief (max. 2 pages) CV should be attached.

The EoI must contain the following information:

  • Name and project title of PhD Student;
  • Brief description of own research within the field of the project;
  • Description of research environment at the host university and how this will benefit the PhD-student.

The EoI and CV must be submitted electronically to the Platform Secretariat no later than 1 November 2012, by sending an e-mail to: etnpml@adm.au.dk. In Subject, please, indicate: “EoI – PhD Student, Tribhuvan University”.

For further information, please, contact Platform Coordinator, Pia M. Larsen.


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