Danida is re-designing the BSU programme

A no-cost extension of BSU phase 1 is being effectuated from 1 August to 31 December 2013. A revised proposal for Phase 2 is to be delivered to Danida’s Grant Committee around Oct/Nov 2013. The expected launch of Phase 2 is January 2014.

2013.08.01 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced a significant re-design of the BSU programme in Phase 2 which is supposed to start in January 2014. Read the announcement by Danida by 12 July 2013 for further information on the decision.

All BSU Platforms are currently awaiting more detailed information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PSDR Working Groups, the Danish Steering Committee and applicants of subject to specific Phase 2 projects will be informed directly by mail about the development. We encourage all partners to follow the situation here at our website.

At this stage, the re-design and delay of Phase 2 has the following immediate implications:

  • There will be no new grants for MA and M.Phil students from any BSU partner university. Notice: MA and MPhil students who have already started under phase 1 will continue to be funded. 
  • There will be no new PhD grants available for any BSU partner university in South. Notice:PhD students who have already started under phase 1 will continue to be funded.
  • The planned PSDR eLearning activities at Maseno and Gulu University in August 2013 are postponed until further clarification has taken place. Notice: These eLearning (and PBL) activities are part of a separate grant (’the 19m Communication Grant’) that is still ongoing and will be embedded as an autonomous component in a revised Phase 2. 
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