BSU to expand significantly in Phase 2

When the project period of BSU Phase 1 runs out at the end of July 2013, the initiation of BSU Phase 2 means a significant increase in funding for core activities within institutional strengthening and research capacity building at the South partner universities. In phase 2 the four thematic BSU platforms will receive near-equal funding, running until January 2016, making a range of new PSDR activities possible.

2013.06.20 | Martin Damgaard Larsen

Overall, the BSU expansion includes:

  • BSU Phase 2 (in total 100 million DKK)
  • BSU Scholarship Programme (20 million DDK)
  • BSU ‘Communication Grant’ targeted at e-learning, problem-based learning, outreach and dissemination (19 million DKK, divided equally among the four platforms)
  • Extension of PhD scholarships from BSU Phase 1.

PSDR activities in Phase 2

The BSU Phase 2 expansion results in a wide range of PSDR activities, e.g. aiming at strengthening research communities and teaching faculties at the partner universities in South. Some of the South-North activities are:

  • Small-scale collaborative research projects within SDR themes, aiming for international publication
  • Cultural analyses and methodology courses
  • Joint conference: “Packaging the concepts of Stability, Democracy and Rights – analytical approaches’
  • Presentation and discussions of gender research
  • Development of course structure and training network for PhD studies
  • Increase in PhD  stipends and Master-level stipends: both South-based programmes and stipends with study stays in Denmark, including Danish co-supervision. 

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