2013.12.20 | BSUSDR

DFC takes over the administration of BSU PhD Scholarships

All PhD scholarships initiated during phase I will continue as planned after 1 January 2014.

2013.12.19 | BSUSDR

Danida approves DKK 4.75M Communication Grant

A new project framework for the Communication Grant - Capacity Building within Research Communication, Dissemination and Networking - has been approved by Danida.

2013.12.02 | BSUSDR

New BSU Phase II proposal

A new BSU Phase II Proposal has been presented to the DANIDA External Grant Committee 29 November 2013.

2013.08.21 | BSUSDR

Collaboration on E-learning, PBL and research communication beyond PSDR

Danida has now clarified that the ‘19m Communication Grant’ will continue as an independent project (2013 – 2015). The original partners can participate beyond 31 December 2013.

2013.08.21 | BSUSDR

Consultant appointed to develop BSU phase 2 framework

When the no cost extension of phase 1 ends by 31 December 2013, Danida will take over the management of the BSU programme. An external consultant has been appointed to assist in the formulation of a revised BSU phase 2.

2013.08.06 | BSUSDR

Drastic changes in BSU

Danida has decided to re-design the Building Stronger Universities project. This has dramatic consequences for all BSU platforms, including PSDR.

2013.08.01 | BSUSDR

Danida is re-designing the BSU programme

A no-cost extension of BSU phase 1 is being effectuated from 1 August to 31 December 2013. A revised proposal for Phase 2 is to be delivered to Danida’s Grant Committee around Oct/Nov 2013. The expected launch of Phase 2 is January 2014.

2013.06.20 | BSUSDR

Phase 2 initiation delayed

BSU have been informed that Danida has postponed the processing of BSU Phase 2 by the Grants Committee.

2013.06.20 | BSUSDR

BSU to expand significantly in Phase 2

When the project period of BSU Phase 1 runs out at the end of July 2013, the initiation of BSU Phase 2 means a significant increase in funding for core activities within institutional strengthening and research capacity building at the South partner universities. In phase 2 the four thematic BSU platforms will receive near-equal funding, running…

2013.06.20 | BSUSDR

PSDR to launch e-learning pilot projects

From August 23 to 25 a three days E-learning Experience Sharing Workshop will be held at Maseno University, Kenya. The workshop will focus at e-learning themes concerning pedagogy, content and infrastructure. It will draw on Maseno University’s experiences with their eCampus learning system, and on the recent e-learning strategy at Tribhuvan…

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