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The Platform on Stability Democracy and Rights (PSDR) brings together researchers from Danish universities and partner universities in Africa and Asia in a long-term partnership with the aim to strengthen university capacity in research, education and dissemination.

The PSDR focus is on the analysis of social dynamics and their positive and negative impact on developmental processes. The partnership includes researchers from the social sciences and humanities and focuses on three research themes: 1) “Stability & Fragility”; 2) “Freedom, Democracy & Rights”; and 3) “Gender Equality”.

South Visits to Denmark, Spring 2013

In the enhancement of research capacity among staff at the PSDR partner universities in South, a number of people from Maseo University, Gulu University, and Tribhuvan University are in Denmark during spring 2013.

Read more about South Visits to Denmark

Latest published documents

New project document for the Communication Grant: Capacity Building within Research Communication, Dissemination and Networking (2013-2015)

Information to partners, Universities Denmark, August 2013

Danida Desk appraisal, May 2013

BSU Review Report, Phase I, by Chr. Michelsen Institute, March 2013

Application for Grant for Capacity Building within Research Communication, Dissemination and Networking.

The PSDR Inception Report describes activities to be implemented during Phase I (2011-2013) at the three partner universities.


2013.08.06 | BSUSDR

Drastic changes in BSU

Danida has decided to re-design the Building Stronger Universities project. This has dramatic consequences for all BSU platforms, including PSDR.

2013.08.01 | BSUSDR

Danida is re-designing the BSU programme

A no-cost extension of BSU phase 1 is being effectuated from 1 August to 31 December 2013. A revised proposal for Phase 2 is to be delivered to Danida’s Grant Committee around Oct/Nov 2013. The expected launch of Phase 2 is January 2014.

2013.06.20 | BSUSDR

Phase 2 initiation delayed

BSU have been informed that Danida has postponed the processing of BSU Phase 2 by the Grants Committee.

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