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Grants for Staff mobility

The aim of the Study Stays in Denmark is to enable researchers from Gulu University, with specific projects that will benefit from time spent in Denmark, to avail of infrastructure and academic contacts at a Danish university in order to achieve a specific academic outcome. The following projects has been rewarded with grants for Study Stays in Denmark;

“Role of Education in Community Rehabilitation and Transformation”

  • Grantee: Asaf Adebua (MA in Economics, Policy and Planning)
  • Aim: Develop a PhD concept paper.
  • Anticipated period: 1 April – 20 May 2013
  • Host: Mona-Lisa Dahms, Aalborg University

“Ethnicity and political stability in Uganda: are ethnic identities a blessing or a curse?”

  • Grantee: Charles Amone (PhD in History)
  • Aim: Writing articles for academic journals
  • Anticipated period: 1 November 2012 – 31 January 2013
  • Host: Sharon Millar, University of Southern Denmark

“Gendering livelihoods in post-conflict settings. A case study of northern Uganda”

  • Grantee: Stella Laloya (PhD at Dept. of Peace Studies, Bradford)
  • Aim: Literature review and methodology chapter of PhD thesis
  • Anticipated period: June - August 2013
  • Host: Signe Arnfred & Connie Carøe Christiansen, Roskilde University

“Effects of Technological Progress and Productivity on Economic progress in Uganda”

  • Grantee: Jimmy Alani (Economics)
  • Aim: Revision and completion of PhD dissertation
  • Anticipated period: October – December 2012
  • Host: Thorkil Casse, Roskilde University

“Founding and preformance of Uganda's public Universities: A case of Gulu University"

  • Grantee: Ambrose Okot
  • Aim: Development and finalisation of a proposal for a PhD project.
  • Anticipated period: Spring 2013
  • Host: Susan Wright, Aarhus University

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