Maseno University

Information regarding PSDR activities at Maseno University in Kenya will be published as the planning and implementation of activities progress.

The subsequent pages will contain both general and detailed information on activities; access to relevant documents; call for proposals for Ph.D. grants and grants for small-scale collaborative research projects, etc.

Information on Working Groups and minutes from meetings can be found here.

The activities at Maseno University, Kenya are organised within the three overall components:

  • Strengthening institutional research capacity;
  • Strengthening institutional capacity in the area of research-based education;
  • Strengthening institutional capacity in the area of research dissemination.

The implementation of activities at Maseno University will begin with the kick-off conference "Unpacking the Concepts of Stability, Democracy & Rights: Theoretical investigations", which will bring together researchers from Denmark and Kenya. The conference will take place on 29-30 March 2012.

The conference will form the basis for subsequent activities, which include: proposal development training; research methodology training; knowledge sharing & dissemination; grants for small-scale collaborative research projects; Ph.D. scholarships; etc.

See Logical Framework for additional information on planned activities.

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