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Grants for Staff mobility

The aim of the Study Stays in Denmark is to enable researchers from Maseno University, with specific projects that will benefit from time spent in Denmark, to avail of infrastructure and academic contacts at a Danish university in order to achieve a specific academic outcome. The following projects has been rewarded with grants for Study Stays in Denmark:

"A Genre Analysis of Linguistic and Rhetoric Features in the Televised job Interviews conducted by the Judicial Service Commission to attain Democracy, Freedom and Human Rigths in Kenya"

  • Grantee: Ms Anne Obinju Adhiambo (Ph.D. student, Department of Linguistics)
  • Aim: Finalisation of PhD project
  • Anticipated period: Spring 2013
  • Host: Inger Lassen, Aalborg University

"Aid Effectiveness in Fragile States: A Study of the Great Lakes Region"

  • Grantee: Ms. Victoria P. Awiti (School of Development and Strategic Studies)
  • Aim: Finalisation of PhD project proposal
  • Anticipated period: Spring 2013
  • Host: Mr. Preben Kaarsholm, Roskilde University

"Stability and fragility of urban futures in natural resource management: strengthening mainstreaming of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Lake Victoria local authorities’ development planning"

  • Grantee: Mr. George M. Onyango (Associate Professor, Dept. of Urban Management, Maseno.
  • Aim: Literature review, strengthing partnership, developing framework for book chapters
  • Anticipated period: May 2013
  • Host: Thorkil Casse, Roskilde University

"Strengthening Kenya’s fragile stability through increased youth employment"

  • Grantee: Mr. Madara M. Ogot (Professor, School of Business and Economics, Maseno)
  • Aim: Literature review, completion of a publication
  • Anticipated period: May 2013
  • Host: Inger Lassen, Aalborg University

"Social capital and community stability in the face of the climate change crisis: a study of the Mara River Basin, Kenya"

  • Grantee: Mr. Omondi Lilian Atieno (PhD in Sociology)
  • Aim: Literature review, paper writing
  • Anticipated period: May 2013
  • Host: Connie Carøe Christiansen, Roskilde University

PSDR has published a call for Expression of Interest for Danish hosts for grantees for Study Stays from Maseno University. Deadline for submission of EoI is 31 January 2013. See Call.

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