Partner institutions

The Platform involves two types of institutional partners. Core partners are universities, which have separate budget allocations and ear-marked funding for agreed activities as defined in the activity plan. Core partners in Denmark contribute 1:1 in-kind co-financing.

Associate partners may be universities or other research institutions that are involved in planning or execution of specific Platform activities in the partner countries, or who are linked with core partner institutions through other research networks and have additional funding or activities that may work in synergy with Platform activities.

South core partners

The following universities in the South are core partners:

Maseno University was founded in 1991 and later acquired a full university status in 2001. The university is one of the seven public universities in Kenya, situated only 25 km from Kisumu City. The main faculties of collaboration are School of Arts and Social Sciences and School of Development and Strategic Studies.

Gulu University was founded in 2002 and is one of the five public universities in Uganda. The University is located in northern Uganda, just a few kilometres outside Gulu City. The main faculties of collaboration are the Faculty of Business and Development Studies and the Faculty of Education and Humanities. The patnership furthermore collaborates with the Institue for Peace and Strategic Studies.   

Tribhuvan University was founded in 1959 and is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal. The Central Administration Office and the Central Campus is located 5 km from downtown Kathmandu, whereas most of the university's institutions, faculties and departments are spread out on a larger area. The faculties of collaboration are Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education. Furthermore the partnership is collaborating with Prithvi Narayan Campus as well as Campus of Gorkha.    

Memorandum of Understanding and Letter of Agreement have been signed by all three partner universities.

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